your husband: Gather all of his old t-shirts and jeans to create a story about his favorite comfort clothes. Or start saving his old work shirts that tell a story about him in a different way. No boxers, please!

a grandparent: If you have saved any of your parents' or grandparents' clothes over the years, this could be a very interesting quilt. Maybe they were fashionistas back-in-the-day; or maybe they were more like Mr. Rogers with their old cardigans and comfy shoes. Either way, a quilt about them will surely be nostalgic as well as chic!

in memory of: There is no better reason to make a quilt than in someone's memory. Start collecting today and see what you can find. Keep in mind that anything will do, as long as it is fabric - even old, well-worn tablecloths, blankets or aprons. Find comfort when wrapping yourself in a quilt that tells a story about your beloved.