Tips to use when collecting:

quilt for baby or child: Please provide between 35-60 pieces. There will be 72 squares that are 8" x 8" each. Remember that if you are sending small baby clothes you will have to send closer to 60 pieces. Baby blankets, towels or old sheets are great to include for the back of the quilt and for the binding.

quilt for grown-up: Please provide between 15-30 pieces. There will be 42 squares that are 11" x 11" each. It's better to send too many than too few. When sending in dress shirts, please wash and dry them to take out harsh dry-cleaning chemicals. Do not include any lycra or spandex, heavy coats or leather jackets, or heavy cableknit sweaters. Remember to include any larger pieces of fabric, such as cotton blankets, sheets or tablecloths.