machine washable quilts: Quilts that have been made with clothes that have run through the wash for years can be put in the washing machine to clean. Set your machine on a gentle cycle, use warm water and a non-bleach detergent. Dry half way in the dryer and then lay out flat on some towels to finish drying (no hanging). This will save energy and keep your quilt lasting longer. The cotton batting on the inside of your quilt will shrink 3% when washed, giving your quilt a slightly wrinkled but lovely vintage look and feel. Dry cleaning is not recommended for your machine washable quilt.

hand washable quilts: Quilts that include any sweaters, leather or suede should be spot cleaned. Use a mild detergent and lay out flat to dry. If for any reason there is a spot that will not come out, your quilt can be taken to local dry cleaner for advice. This should be your last resort, however, as most dry cleaning facilities contribute to the pollution of our environment.