a note on dry-cleaning: There are over 30,000 dry cleaning facilities for you to choose from in the United States, but 95% of them use the toxic chemical perchloroethylene (perc) as the primary cleaning solvent. Dry cleaned clothes are a health risk to you and the loved ones who share your home because these clothes continue to off-gas perc into the air. Fortunately, there are healthier (and greener) dry cleaning alternatives. Wet cleaning is a system that uses biodegradable soap and water. Alternative petroleum solvents, such as ecosolv or exxon d-2000, also have excellent results. Check with cleaners in your area for one that offers perc-free services.

storing you quilt: It is my sincere hope that your quilt gets used, washed, worn and loved. But if, for any reason, you have to store your quilt make sure that it is never damp, and do not store it in a plastic bag. Use a brown paper bag, wrap loosely in paper, or wrap in a towel. This will allow the quilt to breathe.